Rumah Kanak-Kanak Bondulu, Toboh – Tambunan

Pengelola Asrama: Sr. Martha Jonik, FSIC

Alamat: P.O. Box 46, 89657 Tambunan – Sabah

Tel: 087-774294 / Fax: 087-774128


The Convent of the Immaculate Conception, Toboh Tambunan was opened by the Franciscan Missionaries of St. Joseph on the 11th November 1938 where the pioneers was Mother Alban, Sr. Claver and Sr. Joachim. While they were there, the sisters established the Immaculate Conception Primary Girls’ School, Maternity Home and a clinic provided medical services  to the people of Tambunan  with fully self sacrificed and dedication,  until at the end of December 1970, Sr. Henrietta, Sr. Ann Joachim and Sr. Joseph had to leave Sabah due to dissipation of all the foreign Missionaries in Sabah.  Due to this abrupt, the Franciscan Missionaries Of St. Joseph had to hand over the Convent and the school to our Local sisters whilst the clinic and Maternity Home were closed due to the lack of trained Nursing sisters.

In 1970, the two primary schools namely St. John Primary Boys’ school (build by Rev. Fr. Quinn in 1935)  and  the Immaculate Conception Primary Girls’ School were amalgamated and renamed St. David’s Primary School.  Sr. M. Carmel Ho, was the Headmistress of the newly merged primary school until sister retired at the end of 1982 and Sr. M. Regina Makajil continued the headmistress’ work with many different Sisters who taught in St. David’s school.  Finally, in the year 2009, Sr. M. Felicity Moduying  gave up the teaching apostolate in the school due to her retirement.

Since 1970 there were many Sisters who became the members of the community of Convent of the Immaculate Conception.  They were Sr. M. Carmel, Sr. M. Joseph, Sr. M. Frances Mani, Sr. M. Collette, Sr. M. Getrude, Sr. M. Emily, Sr. M. Bernadine, Sr. M. Martha Jonik, Sr. M. Bernard, Sr. M. Hilda, Sr.  M. Philomena, Sr. M. Regina, Sr. Florence Jidang, Sr. Jude Nemesius, Sr. M. Dorothy Laudi, Sr. M. Caroline, Sr. M. Anunciata, Sr. M. Hilary, Sr. M. Felicity, Sr. Lawrencia, Sr. M. Judith, Sr. M. Carmel,  Sr. M. Jane, Sr. M. Martha Kuak, Sr. M. Clara Orow,  Sr. Anne Marie, Sr. M. Clare Lombigit, Sr. M. Imelda, Sr. M. Diana Ehing, Sr. M. Gerard, Sr. Clarice, Sr. Rose C. Ginibun and Sr. M. Hilary.

Infact, the apostolate in Toboh Tambunan is not only in teaching line but also in pastoral and home for the unfortunate students namely Rumah Kanak-Kanak Bondulu Gereja Katolik Toboh Tambunan.  Sisters were involved in Pastoral works since 1975 until now, whereas sisters involved in the home apostolate started  1990 to date.  In pastoral care sisters were involved in guiding the Legion of Mary, Catechatical, Pastoral Council , Youth, Charismatic  group and family visits.

Toboh Tambunan was a very fortunate area where a building for sheltering children was established.  Rumah kanak-kanak Bondulu, was proposed by Datuk Jeffrey Kitingan, patron of the Tambunan welfare society in 1989.  From the support of  many individuals, people of Tambunan  and the different society who contributed their money and energy, finally in September 1990 this home was completed on the mission land near the Holy Cross Catholic Church Toboh.  This home started their operation toward the end of the year 1990.  On 16th January 1994, this home were blessed by Rev. Bishop Datuk Cornelius Piong and was launched by Datuk Pairin Kitingan who was a Sabah Chief minister at that time.

The objective of this home is to give shelter for:

  1. The children from the poor families that consist of many siblings
  2. Children who being affected by separation of their parent or Divorce
  3. Orphanage child
  4. Children of single parent
  5. Children whose homes are located far from the school and hardcore

 The children comes from different villages especially from the interior of  Sabah, particulary from the Tambunan and Keningau area.  They will be supported under this home from the age below 7 years old until they finish their secondary school or even until they reached University. The administration of this home is fully aided by the Franciscan Sisters of the Immaculate Conception, being supported by The home’s board committee and individuals that are dedicated towards the needs of the 72 students (2011).  At the moment (2011) this home were supported by two sisters and assisted by three full time professional staffs  and three part time staffs, who are helping to fulfill the daily needs of the home.  We are also very grateful for the two UMS students who are helping us when they are on holiday.

This home is financially supported by public donations especially Tan Seri Datuk seri Panglima Pairin Datuk Kitingan, Datuk Victor Paul, Mr. Tony (The W group), Mr. Gregory Chong, Rotary Groups, Shell, Petronas, Catholic Churches and groups in Keningau and Kota Kinabalu Diocese, friends from all over Sabah, west Malaysia, Australia, Canada, Scotland, Brunei, Singapore and United Kingdom and many unknown donors.

Present community: Sr Germaine Angkangon, Sr Martha Jonik and Sr Doris.



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